Giedrė KobsGiedre Kobs, MD

One of the few specialists of temporomandibular joint disorders treatment in Lithuania and the only one in the Baltic states, who defended doctoral thesis about craniomandibular dysfunctions in Germany.









Prof. Daniel Edelhoff (Germany)Daniel Edellhoff

Director of Department of Prosthodontics in Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (No. 1 in Germany), world-class leader in many global researches of dental materials. His studies include: adhesive bonding, all-ceramic restorations, endodontically treated teeth restorations, post - core restorations, prosthesis on implants.









Wolfgang Boer

Wolfgang-M. Boer (Germany)

Former general secretary in German association of aestetic dentistry (DGÄZ), lecturer and instructor in twelve countries. Main topics: aesthetic odontology and composite restorations.

Stefan Schunke (Germany)Stefan Schunke 

Master dental technician, direct follower of the world's authoritative Heinz Polz School, and former vice president of German association of Aestetic Dentistry (DGÄZ). Always specially invited to collaborate in three continents: from USA up to Japan. 

Markus Schlee

Markus Schlee (Vokietija)

Specialist in periodontology and implantology, member of the European Centres for Dental implantology (ECDI), German Association of Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ), German Society of Periodontology (DGP), German Society of Implantology (DGI), lecturer in "Steinbeis University Berlin" (SHB) and "Academy of Practice and Science" (APW). Main topics: plastic periodontal surgery, microscope dentistry, planing in implantology, ultrasound surgery, and innovative bone surgery.  






Loreta Noreikaitė Loreta Noreikate

Her purpose in daily work is to save as much natural tooth structure as possible and to treat minimally invasive. Also Loreta is lecturer at the Dr. G. Kobs academy.


Prof. Dr. Georg B. Meyer (Germany)Georg Meyer

Professor in Greifswald University, Director of Teeth, mouth and jaw treatment center. Main topics: occlusal morphology, methods for dental restorations, gold restorations. 









Elizabeth Menzel

Dr. med. dent. Elizabeth Menzel (Germany)

Orthodontist who studied in South Africa and Germany and now working with highly effective bracket system „Damon 3". Specialization: orthodontic treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.









Algirdas Puišys

Dr. Algirdas Puišys

Periodontologist, implantologist, Vice-President of Lithuanian association of Periodontology. Specialisation: treatment planning for reconstruction with dental implants, aesthetic implantology, bone augmentation before implantation, periodontology.  










Adomas Auškalnis

Dr. Adomas Auškalnis

General practitioner, periodontologist, one of founder of Baltic Functional Odontology Association (BFOA), boar member of Lithuanian Prosthodontists' Association (LOOD). Lecturer focuses on functional and aesthetic dentistry, teamwork.  









Raimundas BagdonasRaimundas Bagdonas

Dental technician, president of Lithuanian Dental Technicians' Association (LDTS), one of the founders of Baltic Functional Odontology Association (BFOA); specialist in all-ceramic restorations, lecturing in Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, etc.  










Jürg Stuck (Germany)Jurg Stuck 

Jürg Stuck is not only one of the best dental technicians in Germany but also "worth getting the Nobel prize for contribution to contemporary dentistry over 30 years researching relations between face physiology, mimics, individual speaking patterns and prosthesis" (citation of his collegues). Main topics: analysis of speech and face, technical teeth analysis, diagnostics and planning before prosthesis, surgical and implant therapies.

Annette v. Hajmasy (Germany)Anette v.Hajmasy

Annette v. Hajmasy is a master dental technician specialising in pressed composites, composite occlusal onlays and veneers, face and speech analysis in prosthetic planning.  










Ralf Petersen (Germany)Ralf Petersen 

Dentist general practitioner, developer of progressive oral hygiene prophylaxis program SOLO.   









Alan Bagden

Dr. Alan Bagden (USA)

Orthodontist Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, researcher in clinical trials and documented studies on orthodontic treatment with brackets, one of the main invertors and developers of "Insignia" and computerised orthodontic systems, closely working with "Damon" system inventor Dr. Dwight Damon and further refining the technique. 






Prof. dr. Harald Gumbiller (Germany)Harald Gumbiller

Orthopaedist osteopath, chiropractitioner, specialist in sports medicine and acupuncture, docent of chirotherapy and manual medicine in German Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine (DGMSM), docent in German Society of Osteopathic Medicine (DGOM).









Dr. Ulrich Randoll (Germany)Ulrich Randoll 

Physiotherapist and researcher in clinical studies of organism molecules pulsation (1991-1998. Erlangen University), developer of micro massage therapy ("MaRhyThe") expanding the limits of preventive physiotherapy and rehabilitation.









Neringa Romanovskaja

Neringa Romanovskaja

Certificated business consultant working with "Solution Selling" method, specialist in companies work organization and processes optimization. 









Asta FritzkeAsta Fritzke

Specialist in preventive and children dentistry (specialisation at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald, Germany). 











Viktorija Vaigauskaitė

Viktorija Vaigauskaitė

Expert in professional individual hygiene and progressive oral hygiene prophylaxis program SOLO.