Theoretical and demonstrational course. Skeletal & dental asymmetries: diagnostics and treatment

Skeletal & dental asymmetries: diagnostics and treatment

Theoretical and demonstrational course



Dr Robert Scherngell (Austria) has been practicing orthodontics for over 25 years and has been teaching orthodontics globally for over 10 years. He has run successful orthodontic programs in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. His knowledge and experience are based on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 6,000 cases in his two highly successful practices in Vienna, Austria.



In English

04 10 2019 (Friday) 9:00–17:00, registration from 8:30 o‘clock.



Dr. G. Kobs odontologijos klinika, J. Balcikonio str. 3–295, Vilnius, Lithuania


Course for

Dentists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons


Course description

Skeletal & dental asymmetries: Both are very common in orthodontics, as almost every case has a skeletal asymmetry. We will talk about these asymmetries as well as dental asymmetries, which are common in mixed and permanent dentition. The lecturer will show, an easy diagnosis of dental & skeletal asymmetries, like his is doing it every day in his orthodontic practice. Together with his medical assistants he will show it step by step, how they diagnose these asymmetries. When you know the causes of asymmetries, you also can treat them efficiently – dental: missing teeth, tooth size discrepancies, impacted teeth etc. Skeletal: natural asymmetries, or also caused by surgery? You will learn, how to deal with asymmetries in every malocclusion and skeletal discrepancies like: transversal, A-P and vertical.


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449 Eur, or only 399 Eur for payments before 01.07.2019 (lunch and coffee breaks included).

Amount of participants – 20.


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