Check yourself if You do not have symptoms  of craniomandibular disorders.

Simple questions can help You check if You have symptoms of craniomandibular disorders. 

It takes only 1 minute

The list contains 11 questions. If You have a possitive answer to most of them, we recommend You see craniomandibular disorders specialist and to undergo to check up. 

Test questions

  • Do You feel the lower jaw movements to be constrained or limited?
  • Do You feel any pain in the areas of ear or temporomandibular joint?
  • Do You hear any sound while opening or closing the mouth: clicking or friction?
  • Are there any sounds in the ears (noise or buzz)?
  • Do You feel the teeth occluding incorrectly?
  • Did anyone reported about Your night teeth grinding (bruxing)?
  • Did You have any trauma in the region of head or neck?
  • Do You suffer form headache or migrena?
  • Are Your neck and shoulder muscles strained?
  • Have there been accidents of weekness or disturbed balancing?
  • Do You suffer from sleep disorders (eg. snoring)?

If You answered positively to the most of questions - You should visit a specialist of temporomandibular disorders. Contact Us