What to do with a broken tooth?

Broken and chipped tooth (especially front tooth) - is a nightmare for everyone. Dental trauma is more poopular between children: falling from swing, injuring with toys or just falling results missing front teeth... Adults break their teeth usually chewing hard food or during accidents, riding a bike. This usually happens on weekends or in the evenings, when Your dentist on holiday. So, what You and Your child can do when half of the front tooth is broken?

Firstly, find the broken part of the tooth and keep it in saliva, cold milk, saline (bought in pharmacy) or simply in the water for the tooth not to get too dry. Then find a dentist as quickly as possible and ask "to glue" the broken part. It may sound strangely, but the tooth is the best strongest filling (if it fits accurately). Don't worry if the broken part colour differs from the rest part of the tooth for several week. This time is needed the tooth to absorb the lost water. The colour can change even after restoration of the tooth if You breathe longer through the mouth (e.g. the tooth gets dry having cold). 

Sometimes it is necessary to do the root canal treatment. This is done after "gluing" the broken tooth's part to the tooth. 

Only in cases, when "gluing" the broken part to the tooth is impossible, we do composite restorations, ceramic veneers and full ceramic crowns. 

Dentists in dr. G. Kobs odontology clinic do their best to save natural teeth with natural teeth substances. 


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